Michael Sistig


Michael Sistig speaks from the soul and paints from the wisdom therein. His style is based on the fertile ground of sharp introspection from someone who can see beyond the façade of our time to find the inner image many are looking for. He is a painter of silent revolution – eschewing the clamor of protest, he plots careful revolt that brings things to light selectively rather than all at once. He is a painter of memories and original thought whose works represent the rediscovery of authentic memories full of allegations, playfulness and connections in which time overlaps and we have to reconsider ourselves.


1982 born in Bonn/Germany
1998 – 2002 „Arte Fact Werkstatt für Kunst e.V.” Tutor Thomas Egelkamp.
Since 2002 Cooperation with em. Prof.Dr. Egon Schütz, University of Cologne
2002 Jugend Kunstpreis vom BBK Bonn Rhein-Sieg.
2003 Student at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany
2004 Student in class of Prof. Albert Oehlen
Since 2005 Student in class of Prof. Peter Doig
2008 Visiting Student at Royal Academy Schools of Arts, London, GB
2009 Diploma (Akademiebrief Kunstakademie Düsseldorf)
Lives in Bornheim and works in Cologne, Germany.

Exhibitions (Selection):

2008 Art Cologne 2008, Galerie Oechsner, Cologne, Germany.
2008 Klasse Peter Doig, Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany.
2008 „Licht und Irrlicht - Magics and Magicians“, Galerie Oechsner,
Nürnberg, Germany.
2008 „1001 Bild“ Villa de Bank, Enschede, Netherlands
2008 Blind Date, E105, Bonn, Germany

2007 Sturm und Drang, Galerie E 105, Bonn
2007 K20 Kunstsammlung NRW Ernst&Young
Benefizauction in Cooperation with Christie`s, Düsseldorf, Germany
2007 Archäologien, Galerie Oechsner, Nürnberg, Germany
2007 Art Fair 21, E105, Cologne, Germany